David Goldfield

“a sparkling, sweeping

and deeply engaging

account of an era when

”government was good”


“a pleasure to read”


Nov 14


“an activist federal government

guided the country toward the first real

flowering of the American Dream.”

“a heartfelt plea for a revival of socially responsible leadership.”

       elcome to my web page.

For someone who considers email a miracle, this

is certainly  a giant step forward. So I'm pleased

to have you browse through my site, learn about

my writing, my speaking, and a bit about myself.


I hope what you see captures your interest. I have

always kept in mind, whether I'm writing for a

large audience or talking in a small classroom, that

history is a story about people. My hope is that you

will learn from what I have written and said, even

more that you will enjoy it.